• Co Hosted By Coffee Directorate - AFFA (Agriculture, Fisheries & Food Authority of Kenya)
  •  10+African Coffee Markets Outlook
  •   Africa’s ONLY Regionally focused event

Africa’s Coffee Sector needs no introduction. From high volume to high quality, and from new investment in plantations to ongoing sustainability initiatives, it’s all happening. Focused on policy, investment, trade, sustainability and business development in the top producing / exporting countries of the region, the inaugural Africa Coffee Outlook is the ONLY such event of its kind.    

  • Ethiopia, Africa's biggest coffee-exporting country, is seeing on-going investment to further develop its coffee sector
  • Uganda is the world’s 4th largest exporter of Robusta and outlined a $42 million (USD) plan to plant approximately 300 million Robusta seedlings over the next 3 years.
  • Coffee harvests in Tanzania are projected to increase to more than 60,000 tonnes in the 2015 season, up from 40,000 tonnes in the same period last year.

With a 21 year history successfully demonstrated by its Vietnam Coffee event, IBC is delighted to bring to market the first ever Africa Coffee Outlook. Co Hosted by the Coffee Directorate of the Agriculture, Fisheries & Food Authority of Kenya (AFFA), the conference is also supported by top coffee exporter and producer associations in the region.

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Featured Speakers:

Grenville Kiplimo Melli
Interim Coffee Director, Coffee Directorate, Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Authority, Kenya
Hussein Agraw
Board President, Ethiopia Coffee Exporters Association
Henry Ngabirano
Managing Director, Uganda Coffee Development Authority
Amir Hamza
Chairman, Tanzania Coffee Association
Jay C Sondhi
Chairman, Kenyan Coffee Traders Association 


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Coffee Directorate, Agriculture,
Fisheries and Food Authority, Kenya (AFFA)

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National Cocoa and Coffee Board of Cameroon

Ethiopia Coffee Exporters Association

Uganda Coffee Development Authority

Tanzania Coffee Association

Kenyan Coffee Traders Association

InterCafe Burundi

Coffee Exporters and Processors Association of Rwanda (CEPAR)

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